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Order by midnight Wednesdays   Delivery: Saturday: All North Brisbane Brendale to Noosa   Monday: South Brisbane and Gold Coast to Coolangatta


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Where do we source our produce from?

Farmer's markets and fresh meat suppliers. Nothing comes frozen, all fresh.

How long will my meals last for?

Our meals have an average shelf life of an entire week in the fridge. However, some meals and snacks have a longer shelf life. Always check the Use By date before consumption.

Pre made meals: Sunshine Coast and Noosa customers: Seven day shelf life in fridge or three months in freezer.

Pre made meals: Brisbane and Gold Coast customers: Five day shelf life in fridge or three months in freezer.


Can i do a repeat order?

Yes you can :) Please select the "Subscribe" button on any meal and this will automatically subscribe you to weekly meals without you having to do a thing :) For any further information please E-mail Melissa at  

Why do we have a shorter shelf life in the fridge compared to some other companies?

Nirvana Life Meals use no preservatives, fillers or gas chambers. These things will keep you with a longer shelf life however they are very harmful to the gut; causing bloating, water retention and digestive issues. 

How do the meals stay fresh?

Nirvana Life meals pride ourselves on delivering fresh foods to all our customers. We have a special machine which seals all meals making your food last the entire week with NO FREEZING!

How to reheat the meals?

Peel of the lid slightly at the corner and microwave for 3-4 mins depending on power of microwave. Salads and some other items do not need reheating. If you do not like to use a microwave simple pre heat your oven, remove the food from the package and place on an oven proof dish to reheat for 5 or so minutes. If freezing meals please reheat for around 7 mins in the microwave depending on strength or microwave. 

Do you cater for low gluten products and intolerances?

Yes! We do cater for low gluten products and food intolerances. Please use the "filter" tab in the menu. Here you can filter your requirements. 

All meals are made in a commercial kitchen under the highest cooking standards and health protocols. Majority of our menu is gluten and dairy free however we can not cater for celiac customers because at times there may be gluten or dairy which enters the kitchen. However customers with intolerances are welcome and 100% safe as we always use different cutting boards, knives, benches ect. 

Do you have any vegetarian meals?

Yes! We do provide vegetarian options in our menu as well, you may take a look here.

Can we return the food containers?

We recycle the delivery boxes, silver insulated lining and ice packs if you leave out on delivery day we will collect these on your next delivery day.
However we cannot take back food containers due to health standards and protocols. We do not offer refunds due to health and hygiene reasons. 

Will I receive exactly what is shown in the images?

Our meals are packed and portioned according to weight, which means the quantity/pieces may vary to the images.


How do I order?

Simply browse our menu, add individual meals or meal packages to your shopping cart, and head to the checkout when you're ready - you can purchase with a credit card, Afterpay or PayPal!

Is there a minimum order?

Yes $42.99. 

Do we have lock in contracts?

Yes and no. All customers can chose to either order when they chose OR utilise our subscription option.  

What if I am not good with computers and cannot order online?

Easy! Call Nirvana Life Meals owner: Melissa on: 0412 964 129 and she will be happy to make your order over the phone.


When is our cut off?

Our cut off is WEDNESDAY MIDNIGHT every week. Why so early in the week??? Everything we make is 100% FRESH and we must have adequate time to prepare to prevent any food wastage.

When is delivery day?

Saturday: All North Brisbane Brendale to Noosa 

Monday: South Brisbane and Gold Coast

Do I need to pay for delivery?

Yes and No, we have a pick up location in our local Noosa area or a flat $10.00 home delivery fee. Please refer to our pick-up location at the checkout.

As we offer this free service we provide all options with direct addresses in a clear selection at the checkout. If you choose the incorrect address please contact us prior to delivery day so we can make this change. Changes to delivery addresses or pick up locations can not be changed after cut off of ordering. 

Free pick up must be picked up on the Saturday please.

NOOSA BOX OFFICE: BETWEEN 7am - 10am.  Please observe time on txt message you will receive Saturday mornings for pick up. 

Do I need to be at home to receive delivery?

Nope, you don't need to be at home to receive your delivery! We supply our Nirvana cooler boxes with dry ice packs, which can hold a safe temperature for up to eight hours.

What if my meals are stolen?

Nirvana Life Meals provide a phone call upon delivery as well as photos of delivery drops. Nirvana Life Meals therefore accept no liability for the loss or deterioration of any goods once they have been delivered.


Our Cooking and Packing facility standards include:

GMP Approved Facility

What does GMP mean?

Good Manufacturing Practices* (GMPs) are the basic operational and environmental conditions required to produce safe foods. GMPs address the hazards associated with personnel and environment during food production. They provide a foundation for any food safety system.

HACCP certification facility

What does HACCP mean?

HACCP Certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. It is built around seven principles: Conduct Hazard Analysis of biological, chemical or physical food hazards. Determine critical control points.