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The story of Nirvana Life: History of how it all began.

Fitness Coach / Ayurvedic consultant / Online and face to face personal trainer / Gut health specialist.

Hi my name is Melissa Andreucci Miragaia Ribeiro and I created Nirvana Life 10 years ago with the passion for not only helping people to look great but most importantly to feel great; physically and mentally.

The passion for Nirvana Life really began from my own experience 15 years ago. I was experiencing severe digestive issues to the point of going to hospital many times. I grew up in a sport family and always ate extremely healthy however my body was experiencing a severe imbalance.

I started by involving myself in the gym where I found my true passion, I have always been a smaller genetic built body type so the gym helped me to gain strength and confidence within myself. Before becoming qualified, a “fitness professional” gave me a one size fits all eating plan which is where my digestive problems really heightened. I was eating (healthy) food but what I didn’t realise is that it wasn’t healthy for me! It wasn’t until I booked a consultation with an Ayurvedic (natural medicine gut health specialist) that I really found my true passion; my gut health was fixed in 2 weeks after years and years of suffering and following what I was told was healthy! I was hooked on Ayurveda from this point on.

Over ten years ago When I started studying to become a personal trainer and fitness coach I naturally made the decision to study and incorporate Ayurveda into all aspects of my coaching and assessments of my clients as well as my own life.


This enables me to ensure none of my clients ever go through the health issues I suffered for many years.

Through my qualifications and training I initially consult all clients on an individual level before advising or designing any fitness, food and/or health plans.

Many clients experience problems such as bloating, digestive complaints, loss of periods, loss of libidos, feeling of lethargy, moody and exhausted. It is my job to assess where the ROOT CAUSE of these issues are coming from instead of masking the symptoms.

This analysis is done by training techniques such as: Tongue diagnosis, eye diagnosis along with many other analysis training techniques. From this I discover the clients unique constitution (body type) and will provide an exact treatment plan.

Treatment plans include:

  • Full macro and ratio counted eating plans.
  • Lifestyle habit plan.
  • Full gym or home workout plans.
  • All recipes calculated exactly for each body type.

We must see food according to the person eating it, rather than the nutrient content of it!! Western medicine is constantly recommending the newest low carb, high protein diet craze. What you are not realizing is that: Without a healthy digestive system very little nutrition from any health food will be absorbed.



  • Posted on by soundos

    -very good content.

  • Posted on by soundos

    -very good content.

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