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Many people trying to achieve their goals focus on ONLY calories and macro counts in their foods! BUT what about sodium levels? You will be so surprised when you start looking at your food labels how much sodium is actually in so many “healthy” foods!   My advice to YOU if you want to achieve a more toned and healthy looking body is CUT the sodium!   If you are interested in a fitness plan to suit YOU, our macro counted gym meals made with fresh and delicious flavours are for you!   Macro counted by, Melissa Donnelly, Natural medicine and...

Importance Of Macros

Yes this is a mirror selfie, yes we can alllaugh (including me haha) But hey this is the smile of knowing how far I have come.🕉I always preach to my clients, family and friends to always strive to be the best version of ourselves!And I certainly practice what I preach. Did you know: My entire life I grew up being called “skinny” “anorexic” “bones” simply because no matter what I ate I could not put on any weight. Some might say “oh lucky you!!” But no WRONG! Being skinny with no strength is not healthy mentally nor physically. That’s when I found...