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Dion Monkivitch

Being a business owner and father I have lived on ready made meals for convenience for the past 5+ years.

I never really stuck to one brand as they all tasted decent but each meal I was not happy with the amount of protein in them and I always had to buy 2 to fill me up.

To be honest when my partner, who is a fussy nutritionist and loves home cooked meals, started eating Nirvana meals I didn’t think she would last on them and tell me ‘ALL’ about the unnecessary ingredients on the label 😅

Well I was quite pleasantly surprised she actually did and said the opposite and now I have to tell her to eat quietly when eating them 😅

Look, on a serious note we just went away on a holiday and the main thing I missed was my Nirvana Life Meals.
They fill me up. They’re made fresh locally. Delivered on time right to my door every week and the service is amazing!

Safe to say I’ll always carry an esky if I’m away next time to carry my meals 🙏🏼