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Are you experiencing bloating, feeling flat, experiencing re-flux, constipation, loss of period, loss of libido, loss of appetite, feeling lethargic, moody, exhausted?? Any health issues/ disease/s you may be feeling Ayurveda is here to help.

Ayurveda treats every client as an individual and takes every health issue back to the ROOT CAUSE. This aids in the proper diagnosis while effectively treating the cause.

Within Ayurveda food is used as medicine, all food reacts completely different to every unique being. Understanding your bodies make-up is essential in achieving optimum health and happiness.

We must see food according to the person eating it, rather than the nutrient content of it!!

Western medicine is constantly recommending the newest low carb, high protein diet craze.

While you are out there spending your good quality time preparing these meals, what you are not realizing is that: WITHOUT A HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM NO NUTRIENT FROM ANY HEALTH FOOD WILL BE ABSORBED.

Nirvana Life will:

  • Strengthen your digestive power so that you can absorb and utilize all food
  • Help you to prevent sickness and disease
  • Achieve weight loss or healthy weight gain
  • Help you discover your unique mind and body type, to live a complete healthy and balanced life
  • Prescribe a flavour filled eating plan to assist in any physical or mental health issue
  • Learn how to live stress free and follow a positive lifestyle
  • Live in tune with nature and who you are
  • Offer cooking classes to assist your new eating plan
  • Provide a full cook book with delicious recipes to suit your individual constitution
  • Re-assessments to constantly keep on track of your progress
  • With Nirvana Life Ayurveda you will Never feel like you are on a diet again; this is not a craze, this is the new you!